Alyssa Ordillano – Alysienne

Based in London, I work as a full-time Graphic Designer for the world's largest social networking app, Badoo, who owns Bumble and other apps. Alongside studying, I have been freelancing since college and university, earning me a pocket full of experience for clients across the globe prior to earning a place at Badoo in 2017, before even graduating. 

I embrace a multicultural way of living - born in the Philippines but have so far spent half of my life here in the UK and travelling across the world when time permits, I thrive best when immersing myself in a variety of cultures. Forever keen on exploring growth, I believe that we will always be unfinished as we are continuously evolving.

When I'm not focused on designing graphics, I started delving into my love for coffee and showing this through photography.

If you're interested to get to know me better and/or collaborate, get in touch! I'm always up for unravelling new minds.